Mobile Apps

“Max Offer” is probably the most powerful mobile app for property developers/investors to evaluate potential investment from your iPad and iPhone on the UK market today. After inputting some information about the property in question, you can confidently decide what offer you can make according to your criteria and at a point in time.

One of the hardest, most important decisions for a property investor/developer is how much to offer for a potential deal. It is oh so easy to over complicate the process and run calculations all day long, until you are blue in the face and still have no idea as to what offer to make with confidence!


Fast, Easy, Powerful Property Investment Analysis at Your Fingertips on the Go For:
Take The Plunge
Property investors use “Buy to Let” Mobile App to analyse deals before they buy the property and send the professional PDF projections to lenders.

Deal Sourcers use it to analyse the potential of the property and its value to their investor clients.

Estate Agents use to email professional PDF projections to their client while saving their clients time.

Property professionals use it and other property apps to drive operational efficiency, allowing them to work more effectively and increase profitability by saving time, energy and costs.